If someone you know has gone missing or you’ve seen, or have information about, a missing person, please get in touch. Find out below how to get help from the police and other organisations.

Are they in immediate danger?

If the missing person is in immediate danger, is a young child or vulnerable to harm, call 999 now.

If you're deaf or hard of hearing, use our textphone service 18000 or text us on 999 if you’ve pre-registered with the emergencySMS service.

Advice tool

Report a sighting of a missing person

Thank you. If your sighting is an emergency, such as if the missing person you've seen is a child, someone you think is in immediate danger, or otherwise vulnerable to harm, please call 999 now.

If your sighting is of a missing person you don't consider to be in immediate danger, please contact us by calling our non-emergency number, 101.

Please have the following information ready, if possible.

  • Date and time of when you saw them.
  • Where you saw them.
  • Description of what they were wearing.

You can also report a sighting and get help and advice at missingpeople.org.uk.