For insurance claims or civil proceedings, you are able to apply for a copy of any existing collision reports the police have made or hold, or to request to interview a Met Police Officer who dealt with a road traffic collision in the Greater London area.

Unless you already have the Traffic Case Reference number and can provide it to us for the collision you need a report about, you will first need to request that we conduct a search of our database and pay the appropriate fee for this. To do so, complete form 518a.

Once you have the reference number, you may either apply for a copy of the full police report for a collision case, or just the details of any third parties that we hold. To do so, you need to pay the fee and submit it with form 518.

Collision reports can't be released until the investigation is finished.

Third party details, if available, can be requested by the parties involved during the investigation and will be provided once they are confirmed; these will be free of charge and supplied by the case manager.

Insurers and solicitors

Insurers and solicitors must use the 518 form to request third party details and a fee will apply.

Do not complete this form if any driver involved was arrested - instead please write to the local station 'Criminal Justice Unit'.