Please see below some of the most frequently asked questions we get.

Q. Where can I drop the present?

A. Please deliver the present to your local police station in the area you chose when you signed up. This helps us get the presents to the children. Find your nearest police station using our tool.

Q. Can I drop my present at New Scotland Yard?

A. Due to the fact we now have a small headquarters we do not have the room for presents so would kindly ask you take your present to a police station.

Q. Can I hand a present in to a different area?

A. We have limited resources to move presents around so it is easier if you select the area you wish to drop the present at.

Q. Can I drop a present to a non Metropolitan Police Station?

A. No. This is a Metropolitan Police Project. If you wish to make a donation however, we would be very grateful.

Q. Does the present need to be wrapped or unwrapped?

A. For security reasons we ask they are not wrapped. We wrap the presents before they are gifted to the children, and we do welcome donations of wrapping paper so if you are able to provide some or a gift bag that would be most appreciated.

Q. Why do you recommend against battery operated toys?

A. We do not want to put unnecessary pressure on the care homes to provide batteries when they run out.

Q. When is the deadline?

A. Friday 7 December. This is to allow time for the presents to be wrapped and delivered before Christmas.

Q. I have missed the deadline what can I do?

A. Please be assured your allocated child will be provided for. We receive monetary donations that we use to fill any gaps. We deliver gifts to children in hospitals and victims of crime right up until Christmas Eve so please do still hand your presents in.

Q. What is the suggested spend?

A. We recommend no more than twenty pounds. This can be made up of one or a number of presents.

Q. What can I buy for a teenager?

A. Gift cards are a very popular choice if you are unsure of what to buy.

Q. Can I pick a child of a specific age?

A. Unfortunately the system allocates at random to ensure all children get a present. If you have strong views and wish to buy a present for a specific age child you can drop one in without a reference number. This will be used to fill in any gaps where people have not provided presents. We provide to various children in need, including refuges, disadvantaged families and hospitals and your gift will go to a good home.

Q. Why can I not find out what the child likes?

A. Due to the number of children we're not able to gather that amount of information.

Q. Where do the presents go?

A. Presents go to children in care, disadvantaged families, refuges or hospitals all over London.

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