The Met values the work carried out by the academic and wider research community and the important role it plays in growing and strengthening our knowledge base. In order to build on this, the Met has decided to highlight more explicitly some of the areas where we would welcome and actively support more research.

The purpose of our areas of research interest document is to involve more people in research which relates to our strategic knowledge gaps and interests. The focus is on long-term priorities, concentrating on operational policing outcomes, but also making reference to areas which support and enable those outcomes.

We want to make doing research with the Met as easy as possible, and we will do our best to ensure that research focused on our areas of strategic interest can result in quicker access to the data we hold. We also want to do more to showcase and raise the profile of research in policing. We will work with researchers to provide the right platform for their research and to maximise its application in operational terms.

To discuss the Areas of Research Interest document or collaborating on research more generally then please contact us at