Detectives from our Murder Investigation Team deal with an attack in Greenwich, where 30-year-old Jozef Boci is violently beaten after a night out.

Jozef, whose partner is pregnant with her first child, tragically dies six days later from his injuries. Jozef’s parents, who brought him to Britain 20 years ago as a refugee from Kosovo, are devastated by the loss of their son.

DS Brendan Ward and his team are determined to track down those responsible. After forensic investigation of 100 hours of CCTV, six men are identified on camera as suspects. An expert lip reader is consulted to review some key footage of the suspects, in order to understand more about the motive for the attack. The lip reader gives a chilling account of something mouthed by one of the prime suspects. The detectives are keen to get justice for what they believe is an innocent man who went out for a drink on a Saturday night and didn’t come home.

In central London response officers PC Alex Orme and PC Lydia Vanbergen are on patrol in Westminster, where a woman is arrested and taken to custody. On arrival, there are concerns for her mental health so she is kept on a 24-hour watch.

In Croydon, detectives from CID are on the hunt for a serial burglar. The burglar has recently been caught on CCTV at a number of attempted break-ins, and detectives discover that the suspect is already wanted for other offences. The team prioritise trying to track him down via his getaway car and spend several days playing cat and mouse until they finally get a breakthrough.

Behind the scenes

The fourth episode of the Met showed the lengths our detectives will go to to get justice for victims and their families. Detective Sergent Brendan Ward and Detective Inspector Dan O'Sullivan explain how a lot more goes into the investigation and how their teams are dedicated to getting a result.

Support and information

In preparation for the nights getting longer, protect your home and make it look occupied by using light timers. Follow our 3 Step Protect advice to keep your home safe from burglary and damage: protect your valuables, safeguard your building and secure your outside.