Notice for misconduct hearing to be held in private for Detective Sergeant Neil Buckmaster

Please note: Following legal submissions at the beginning of the hearing, the Legally Qualified Chair has made a decision that the remainder of this hearing will be entirely in private. An update will be published following the conclusion of the hearing

Detective Sergeant Neil Buckmaster currently based at South Area Command Unit, will answer allegations that his conduct amounts to a breach of Standards of Professional Behaviour, in respect of:

  • Equality and Diversity
  • Authority, Respect and Courtesy

It is alleged that DS Buckmaster whilst playing computer console games had given racially offensive nicknames to some of his avatar players. 

It is furthermore alleged that in 2014/2015 clips of games footage was uploaded to YouTube. The clips show DS Buckmaster’s user account name, his team and avatar players both had been customized with names that were racially offensive.

It is alleged that in acting in this way DS Neil Buckmaster breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in respect of ‘Equality and Diversity and Authority, Respect & Courtesy’.

It is further alleged that this conduct, if proven, amounts individually or collectively to gross misconduct and is so serious as to justify dismissal

The hearing will start on Tuesday 4 May and is listed for four days.

The identity of victims/witnesses will be protected during the hearing as appropriate.

If you wish to apply for a seat, please ensure that you have read the detail regarding condition of entry which is a requirement on the booking form. Seating will be limited to allow for social distancing measures and face masks will be required to be worn by all those who are not exempt.