Information for parents and carers

The volunteer police cadets offer a safe and friendly environment for young people to develop into good citizens. We are a fully inclusive uniformed youth group welcoming cadets from any social, economic, ethnic group; gender; ability or disability. We actively encourage young people who may feel disadvantaged through crime or social exclusion to join the VPC.

All activities are risk-assessed and have suitable insurance cover. All regular unit venues are risk assessed on an annual basis with a rolling assessment completed at each meeting.

All our leaders are suitably vetted, by the relevant police force, to national standards associated with looking after young people. All visitors to units are appropriately vetted and monitored too.

Cadets take part in a wide variety of activities relevant to their ability and age for which you will be asked to complete a Health and Permission form, ensuring that their unit is fully up to date with any health related issues. A Health and Permission form will need to be completed for every event.

Most forces are moving towards electronic registration and event planning for their cadets. All personal details are held under nationally recognised security conditions and are not shared with organisations outside the police service.


There is a minimal charge for attending a weekly meeting – this equates to around £1 per session. Cadets are given a uniform once they have passed their induction and will only need to supply a pair of black shoes or boots.


Junior cadets generally meet after school as an after school club for around 90 mins. Senior cadets meet for two hours from around 6.30pm. For exact timings and location of units please contact us.

Read our safeguarding policy for information on how we will look after your young people while they are with us.

Testimonials from parents and carers

"I can’t thank you enough for what you are doing for my son. He has come back from everything he’s taken part in with such a positive attitude.  He said with Iron Team he’s never done anything so physically and mentally challenging but was very happy he did it. He absolutely loved being at the Albert Hall especially as everyone was so nice. He loved working with the public and how the other adults treated him. It’s all been so positive."

"It all seems to be a very unified group with parents who are so encouraging and proud. There doesn’t seem to be any apathy which is so  prevalent these days amongst the young and adults alike. What you are doing is so important for the children and has changed my son’s life. I am so glad we found this group and so proud with what you are all achieving."

"My son has Down’s syndrome, he had hit a rut at school, but the cadets opened up a new avenue he could excel in. His attitude changed immediately to a strong, smart man, who swung his kit on to his shoulder with pride and marched quickly to the car for police cadets night. We did not know what he did there, just that he loved it. Over the next couple of years he won awards for community service, and a Jack Petchey award. These signalled to us, his parents, that you in the police could see the thoughtful, empathetic man that we saw. There was never any hint of patronising him because he was trying his best, he was awarded for doing the best."

Testimonials from cadets

Here's what some of our cadets have told us about being a volunteer police cadet.

"Being a police cadet has changed my life! I never thought I would ever be given the opportunities I have been given through the VPC."


"When I joined the VPC, I was shy and lacked confidence. Now I lead my own team."


"I have been given the confidence and skills that could not have been given to me anywhere else. I am proud to be part of my unit


"I joined cadets at 12 as something extracurricular to do outside of school, I have grown in confidence and as a person and now am leaving having served for six and a half years and I am looking forward to joining the met even though it wasn’t something I thought of doing when I first joined."


"The Met police cadets is a fantastic organisation, filled with amazing people and flourished with wonderful and endless opportunities."


"Joining Police cadets is by far the best decision I have made, it is so much fun and I have made so many friends along the way. This organisation provides incredible opportunities for young people and unforgettable experiences. If you are looking for a career in the police or any along those lines this would be perfect for you as we also learn things that will be useful to know for future jobs; however you do not even need to have any interest in this, it is overall just an amazing thing to do and I would completely recommend signing up."