Our cadets are split into Junior and Senior depending on age.

Junior cadets

This is for young people aged 10 to 13 years old. Junior cadets meet once a week for one and a half hours and take part in volunteering events and activities as well as camps suitable for younger cadets during the school holidays. 

Senior cadets

This is for young people aged 13 to 18 years old, they also meet once a week for two hours and will take part in lots of volunteering activities on weekends and during school holidays. There's the opportunity to complete your Duke of Edinburgh Award and take part in camps and competitions

What to expect at a weekly meeting

  • Learn something new about a policing topic or community issue in an interactive way, we’re not all about sitting in a classroom when it comes to learning
  • Take part in a sports session, these will help you keep fit and many of our sports games are designed to build team work and leadership
  • You will be taught the skill of drill, which involves marching and moving together as a team.

All of this is taught by our cadet leaders, many of whom are serving police officers.

What else do we get up to?

Outside of weekly meetings, cadets are given the opportunity to volunteer to assist policing operations and events such as Test Purchasing, trying to buy items that they are too young to buy legally, weapons sweeps of their local community spaces, crime prevention initiatives and helping at large scale events such as London Marathon.

During school holidays there is the opportunity to take part in camps and interborough competitions, ranging from our Annual Cadet Competition at Gravesend where cadets take part in Policing Scenarios at our public order training centre, first aid competitions, to Thriftwood and Avon Tyrell which involve fun team games and tasks.

These all take place over several days and involve camping overnight where you will meet other cadets from all over London.

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