1. Overview

This opportunity is open to retired police officers only - you must have retired within the last five years.

Roles are available within:

  • Violent crime taskforce (minimum PIP Level 1 required)
  • Specialist crime (Homicide) minimum PIP Level 2 required)
  • Specialist crime (minimum PIP Level 2 required)

Salary: For those who hold PIP Level 2 - Band D £31,415, plus a £2,000 market supplement, plus location allowance.

For those who hold PIP level 1 - Band D £29,201, plus a £2,000 market supplement, plus location allowance.

Recruitment codes: Oleeo 4278, Oleeo 6348 and Oleeo 6703

Location: Across London

Closing date: Ongoing

You will have experience in the investigation of crime, evaluating intelligence and information from various sources and complete research documentation. You will understand effective criminal investigation techniques and will be responsible for undertaking thorough investigations into incidents. The post holder will have designated powers.

You will be required at times to prepare written material on behalf of senior leaders on issues of critical importance and to liaise with key stakeholders within outside agencies and within the MPS.

Some posts may attract SDA.