1. Overview

Closing date: ongoing
Salary: Basic salary will be between £43,852 to £48,469 depending on experience, this includes 20% shift disturbance allowance *plus location allowance (*15% during induction). We also offer generous joining and retention bonuses. Experienced first level Registered Adult or Mental Health Nurses required.
Recruitment code: Oleeo 9188
Location: London

This is where your detective skills really count.

Aggressive? Or suffering from a mental health condition? Uncooperative? Or lacking diabetes medication? Substance misuser? Or suffering from a head injury? This is where your detective skills really count.

Custody nurses provide an effective forensic nursing service to the custody suite, you’ll take responsibility for everything – from conducting clinical assessments, identifying and implementing appropriate interventions and collecting forensic samples, to providing advice/guidance and maintaining details and accurate records to ensure the health, safety and welfare of detained persons held in police custody. So, you need to be confident in your abilities and dedicated to providing the very highest standards of care. In return, we offer a generous bonus scheme including £2,500 joining bonus, £2,500 bonus after one year's service, and a £1,000 CPD allowance.

Key responsibilities

  • Liaise with all members of the Healthcare Team supporting a cohesive and robust approach by all to the provision of Healthcare within the MPS.
  • Conduct clinical assessments of detained persons, including those with drug or alcohol problems, gathering sufficient information to identify appropriate interventions and health and safety risks.
  • Make recommendations regarding care regimes or referral to external health providers and determining whether or not an individual is fit to be detained or interviewed to ensure the safety of individuals, particularly of those in custody.
  • Conduct clinical assessments of victims or police officers/staff as required, gathering sufficient information to identify appropriate interventions and health and safety risks, the content of care regimes or referral if needed to external health providers to ensure the safety of all individuals.
  • Maintain accurate and detailed records of Clinical Assessments, Forensic Samples, and Adverse Incidents on the appropriate report forms as required or guided by the MPS, NPCC, the Home Office and professional bodies to comply with legislation, provide evidence for cases and conform to the requirements of clinical accountability.
  • Take intimate forensic samples, relating to matters as determined by the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, Codes of Practice, The Police Reform Bill and clinical guidelines determined by the MPS. Completing statements when required, ensuring legislative and professional guidelines are adhered to in order to facilitate the effective prosecution of offences.
  • Provide advice and guidance to Custody Sergeants, Investigating Officers, Custody Managers and other staff or officers on a range of issues including the health and welfare of detained persons, health promotion, referrals needed to external agencies and dealing with ad hoc queries to protect the health, safety and welfare of those within police custody.
  • Develop and maintain effective working practices with external healthcare providers, such as the ambulance services, mental health teams and drug and alcohol services, working with them to ensure interventions requiring external involvement are carried out effective and efficiently.
  • Provide clinical assistance, including treating minor injuries and illnesses, to a variety of people including detained persons, police officers and others, complying with relevant MPS and professional guidelines, referring more serious illnesses and injuries to external healthcare providers as needed. Documenting injuries and treatments for evidential purposes as required.
  • Promote the health and well-being of those on police premises.
  • Maintain medical facilities within the custody suit, ensuring that sufficient supplies of medicines, drugs and equipment are maintained, complying with MPS and Professional guidelines and relevant security procedures to ensure the provision of high standards care.

Conditions of service

  • Custody nurse practitioners are required to work a 12 hour shift pattern.
  • This role will operate on a 24 hour 7 day a week shift pattern that includes early mornings and night shifts at weekends and public holidays.
  • You will be on probation during your first year.
  • Candidates will be asked to complete a security vetting questionnaire.
  • For this appointment, you must be able to give regular and effective service. You will be asked to complete a health declaration.
  • Termination of Employment – Monthly paid staff; all staff in Senior Band A and B; not less than three months’ notice prior to the last day of service. All other Bands; not less than one month’s notice, prior to the last day of service.

Further reading

In support of your application and future interview, we recommend background reading on Police Custody as you will need to have some awareness of this during your interview. Therefore, visit the Home Office website for further information.

We will not expect you to have an in-depth knowledge of any area of Police Custody or PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence Ace 1984) as you will receive full training if you are successful after interview, however, as you may be asked to apply clinical knowledge to an unfamiliar location or situation, it would be beneficial for you to gain a basic overview.