The role of an officer is much more than blue lights and fast cars. You will wear a uniform with over 190 years of history.  Right from the start, you’ll be playing a vital role in helping to protect Londoners.

You could be working closely with communities; providing a visible presence to reassure and deter crime; conducting patrol duties on foot, by car and by bicycle; liaising with community groups and individuals or gaining knowledge on an area to identify individuals and locations at risk of being involved in crime.

The next day you could be responding to emergency calls; attending accidents; keeping the peace at major events; or diffusing potential volatile situations. You will also be required to conduct initial investigations, including interviewing suspects, gathering evidence and taking statements.

There are endless opportunities to further you career at the Met, whether you want to move up the ranks or join a specialist team there will be a role suited to you.

No two days are ever the same, but every day you will play a vital role in making this city a safer place for all.

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