3. Life as a PC

Choosing to become a Police Constable is a big decision. You may question whether you have what it takes. At the Met, we provide the best training in the world to prepare you for the challenge that policing London provides. You will unlock your potential and make a difference to the communities and people of London.

The role is much more than blue lights and fast cars. You will wear a uniform with over 190 years of history. You will be protecting the vulnerable; giving evidence in court; supporting victims of domestic violence; investigating burglaries and working in partnership with the communities of London to tackle serious and organised crime.

We’re looking for people from all backgrounds to join us, people who can earn trust, respect and build positive relationships with all kinds of Londoners and whom share our values.

Hear from serving officers and why they do it:

PC Victoria Michaelides

PC Arfan Hussain

PC Loy Hartwell

PC Daniel Morris

If you want to know more about what the different teams across the Met are involved in right now, or hear from more of our serving officers, see the latest updates from our social media channels - you'll find them in the footer.

Read more about the Met's inclusion and diversity strategy to find out how we're creating a diverse and fair workplace for all. 

Still have questions? What's holding you back? 

The PC role comes with a lot of responsibility and is a source of great pride. Misconceptions about what it is to be a police officer exist, so here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t rule yourself out: 

Our PCs have family and social commitments outside of the workplace and we make every effort to ensure police officers are afforded flexibility in their roles; have sight of shift patterns in advance; and manage a sustainable work-life balance.

Given the very nature of the job we do in keeping London safe, this means there will be occasions when responding to incidents that you cannot leave immediately when your shift ends and we will require you to be flexible to ensure a smooth service to the public when policing London.

The Met has almost 2,000 part-time police officers and offers flexible working where it is operationally viable. We also offer a part-time PC career route where new joiners can now train and start their service on a part-time basis.

Our full time officers will work 40 hours per week with part time options available for 16 and 24 hours per week. When you choose to become a Police Constable and click, apply now, you will have the opportunity to select your working hours preference (as above) within your application form

The role of a PC is varied and you will encounter circumstances that you will not previously have been exposed to. To equip our PCs to feel ready for these situation, we provide new recruits with a high standard, structured and rigorous training programme which is internationally recognised.

When starting your career, you'll be partnered with more experienced officers to allow you the chance to develop your skills and put your acquired knowledge into practice; keeping yourself, your colleagues and the community safe.

We work extremely hard to address and overcome any negative perceptions that exist surrounding a career in the police service. We are building a workforce that represents the diverse population of London. 
Building relationships with communities across London is a key part of policing. We can educate, inform and build trust in the role of the Metropolitan Police Service and work together to keep London safe. 
Each member of the Met has a huge part to play in the continuation of the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Once you are in the application process, we will invite you in to meet with some of our officers and discuss the reality of life as a Police Constable. 
If you wish to speak with officers from a particular community background, faith or gender - please see the full list of Staff Support Associations on the Recruitment process page.

You do need a reasonable level of fitness to be a PC, but our requirements are not nearly as demanding as is often assumed. If you undertake some form of regular exercise, there should be no issue.

One of the requirements of the police assessment process is to pass a fitness test. This means achieving level 5.4 on the 'bleep test', start preparing now by watching our YouTube videos for tips and download our Fit for the Job guide.

We have designed the recruitment process to be challenging and it will test you more thoroughly than most other job applications you will make. We have to ensure that the right people, with the right skills and motivations join us to carry out our mission of keeping London safe. 
The large numbers of people that apply to join the Met mean that securing a date for the assessment centre, or moving through the vetting stage can take a number of weeks. 
Our recruitment experts are on hand to answer your queries and to provide an update regarding next stages and timescales where possible. You can find their details under Stage 6, on the Recruitment process page.
We will make sure that you are kept informed throughout the process and are confident that you will enjoy the stages that lie ahead.

It's a privilege to serve the public. With this privilege comes responsibility and accountability. All of our officers commit to live by our values and follow a strict code of ethics. Behaviour that falls below standard is not tolerated, whether that's in the way we treat the public, or our own team.

The diverse backgrounds and experiences that our PCs bring to the role is what makes us unique. The most important thing when applying for a career in the police is that you have the right behaviours, motivations and values to serve London and its residents. 
We assess on potential and the training and development we provide will help you make the most of this. You will be given every opportunity to build up your experience during your probationary period and you’ll achieve and experience things you had never previously thought possible. Apply today, you just might surprise yourself.