2. Our selection process

Our selection process does two things – assures that working as a constable is right for you, and assesses against the specifics of the detective role. To do this, you will initially undertake the Constable Day One assessment centre, and if successful, will then be invited to complete a more specific detective assessment.

Once you've submitted your application form, we'll review this to understand you and check that you're eligible to apply. You can find out more about our eligibility criteria later on.

If eligible, you can then expect your journey to be:

  • Day One assessment centre
  • Verbal reasoning test
  • Detective assessment
  • If successful, we offer you the role (subject to pre-employment checks!)
  • Health assessment
  • Once cleared through pre-employment checks, we agree a start date with you
  • Pre-training study – approximately 80 to 90 hours of pre-reading
  • 20 weeks of training on joining
  • Your borough posting commences
  • Trainee DC development period
  • National Investigators Exam
  • Advanced detective training
  • Complete probation

The training and development wrap-around to becoming a detective constable is significant, seeking to equip you to handle a range and volume of priority, serious and complex crimes.