Marine Watch is a registration scheme run by the Met's Marine Policing Unit.

Like a Neighbourhood Watch scheme for London’s canals and rivers, Marine Watch works by helping maritime communities, and those living alongside them, to:

  • work in partnership with enforcement agencies to share information
  • report suspicious activity
  • reduce crime and antisocial behaviour

To support Marine Watch groups all around London, we work closely with:

This lets us tackle local problems and share the latest news and crime prevention advice. By looking out for one another, we keep London’s waterways safe. 

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Register here

If you live, work, or own a boat on the Thames or one of London’s many canals and rivers, click the button below to register for free with a Marine Watch group near you.

You can sign-up either as an individual or as part of a group.

As a member of Marine Watch, you’ll receive:

  • email updates
  • a dedicated email address
  • the latest crime prevention advice
  • property marking tutorials
  • a Marine Watch window sticker and key fob

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